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Visceral Massage Therapy

Why is Visceral Massage Therapy Helpful?

Photo by Dennis ErnstIt is natural for the body to compensate for daily wear-and-tear, and even absorb and cope with larger traumas. Since everything is connected to everything else, any "tethering" will reverberate throughout the entire body. For instance, a diaphragm-liver adhesion may well impair the natural motion of the liver, restrict breathing, and even refer pain into the right shoulder.

There may come a time when the body has compensated to its maximum capacity and can do little more -- this is the place where dysfunction begins to visibly manifest. "All I did was pick up the bar of soap..." is often actually the point where a body system that has been running at capacity gets overwhelmed and things simply spill over. Any little bit of water poured into an already full cup has no where to go but over the edge.

Although our bodies have amazing abilities to adapt, it is not necessary to wait until symptoms appear to benefit from treatment. Preventive maintenance on a regular basis can help keep symptoms from arising. Just as visits to the dentist twice a year and changing the oil in your car every 3000 miles helps prevent problems, receiving a treatment for your body at regular intervals is valuable as preventive care.

What results (benefits) might you expect?

I have often witnessed profound transformations in my clients when I use Visceral Massage techniques. This work involves a gentle, yet specific touch, where restrictions and adhesions are identified, brought into a place of ease, and released. Visceral lymphatic massage, as a form of Visceral Massage Therapy, not only works to release deep restrictions, but also decongests tissues that have endured chronic inflammation and pain. It is not unusual for clients to report heightened states of awareness and deep euphoria during sessions due to the profound releases they experience.

Sessions generally last one hour and can be done through loosely fitting clothing.


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