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Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

What kind of health conditions is Lymphatic Drainage Therapy effective for?

Photo by Dennis ErnstI treat patients with edema in both my private practice and with Benton Hospice. My personal experience has shown that lymphatic therapy contributes to healing and relief of conditions including burns, scar formation, pre- and post-operative surgery care, breast care, headaches, allergies, blurred vision, back and muscle pains, tinnitus, anxiety and stress, swelling in the extremities as a result of trauma and accident, and management of secondary and primary lymphedemas. The effectiveness of this technique has been well documented in medical journals; it is now the gold standard in the United States and Europe for treating lymphedema.

What results (benefits) might you expect from Lymphatic Drainage Therapy sessions?

Untreated lymphedema is irreversible and progressive. Compression pumps and garments have not proven effective by themselves in reducing swollen limbs; research has shown that they may actually injure superficial lymphatic vessels. As there is no cure, early treatment is not only cost effective, but may halt the progression of the condition. Therapy can prevent the disfigurement that occurs with an enlarging limb, and reduce the risk of the infection and possible hospitalization. Most importantly, during treatment the patient and family are instructed in techniques for self-care; this enables them to largely manage the condition by themselves over the long-term.

My training and background in Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

I have completed advanced studies with the Upledger Institute to become certified in Complex Decongestive Physiotherapy, and I am a certified staff member for the Upledger Institute's entire Lymphatic curriculum and CranioSacral Therapy. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to study directly with the developers of these healing modalities, Dr. John Upledger and Dr. Bruno Chikly. My practice is committed to giving my clients the best of health care and self-care instruction.

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